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The RICCE is a program established by a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), under the Institute for Democratic Training (IFD). Its main objective is to strengthen Third Sector Organizations in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, enabling them to establish solid organizational structures that allow them to directly access federal funds. This program provides specialized training and mentorship, promoting innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in their operations for a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

The RICCE acts as a center of excellence, bringing together experts and resources to provide strategic guidance, technical support, and essential resources to participating organizations. Through this program, we seek to enhance the positive impact that these organizations have on their communities, promoting significant and sustainable change in their environment. RICCE services are offered free of charge.

Our Mission

Promote the development of the Non-Profit Organizations Sector of Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands by identifying their individual needs and addressing them through innovative initiatives that increase their resilience and economic competitiveness.

Our Vision

Enabling the Third Sector to reach its maximum capacity in the Caribbean region through sustainable socioeconomic development.

Our Initiatives

1. Identify and develop the key assets critical to the development of the local nonprofit sector and design targeted programs to strengthen the nonprofit sector.

2. Design multiple equity-centric institutional development programs for the local nonprofit capacity building network throughout the ecosystem geared towards implementing inclusive strategic initiatives to promote equitable and accessible economic development resources in the region through:

i. Online and In-Person training modules
ii. Coaching and Mentoring coordination
iii. Train-the-Trainer programs
iv. Innovation and Social Enterprise Development Programs
v. Leadership Development programs

3. Formalize collaboration agreements (including public and private entities) with IFD, National Funders, Funding Networks, and Support Institutions to further implement equity-centric economic development initiatives.

4. Establish a pipeline of capacity building initiatives (programs) to address and strengthen the local needs for capacity in the nonprofit sector throughout the Territories. a. This needs spans from inclusion challenges (Language Barriers), eligibility, post-award management, leadership, funds sourcing, amongst others.


1. Assessment of capacity competencies of the nonprofit ecosystem to access discretional fund opportunities.

2. Build a “Coalition” of National partners as a network to support the development of a Center of Excellence in Economic Resilience and Impact Investment.

3. Recruit and develop 5 local organizations, 5 local professional partners, and 5 local prospective mentor organizations to serve as the core platform to support the development of the Center of Excellence beyond the grant period.

4. Conduct I fellowship program in each of the 5 selected industry sectors, a total of 5 fellowship program.

5. Recruit 5 National mentor organizations in each of the 5 selected industry sectors to provide on to one (1:1) mentorship to develop 5 local organizations to serve as local mentor organizations for the Center of Excellence that can provide local mentoring to future program participants beyond the grant period.

6. Execute 5 local workshops for local outreach and 5 industry engagement: 1 workshop and 1 industry engagement for each industry sector.

7. Design and develop a strategic implementation plan for the establishment and operation of the Center of Excellence at the end of the grant period of performance.

Meet the Team

Dr. Ramon Barquin

Director Ejecutivo y Presidente de la Junta

Lcda. Alexandra Fernández

Asesoramiento Legal y Cumplimiento

Lcda. María Fullana

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)

Sra. Annie Mustafa

Communication Manager

Sr. Miguel C. Chinea

Outreach & Activities Manager

Sra. Yolanda I. González

Non-Profit Coordinator

Sra. Carmen I. Ortiz

Administrative Support

Sra. Carola M. Díaz

Accounting & Compliance

How can you Benefit from RICCE​?

The NGO Portal

  • Explore more about the donors and grantmakers with the new call for proposals based on your preferred sector and targeted locations.
  • Write proposals by easily developing the logical framework, beneficiary calculation, and Budget.
  • Manage funded projects, assign tasks, and track the progress of activities, indicators, and spending timely
  • Get the progress reports in one click and ensure all reports are updated and documented.
  • The program section will provide you the best experience of implementing the NGO strategy. The system will provide you dashboard and analytics for beneficiaries and spending at the program level, which will help you to develop the best NGO anual reports.

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Your key to intelligent capacity building and support for your NGO.

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.

501 Luis Muñoz Rivera, 1st Floor, Hato Rey, PR 00918, USA

Phone: (787) 200-5166

Dr. Ramon Barquin

Director Ejecutivo y Presidente de la Junta